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Service Desk Analyst Interview Questions

"Companies depend on service desk analysts who are reliable, punctual, and organized to support office and information systems. During an interview, you may be asked about your familiarity with helping others remotely, knowledge of troubleshooting, and how you can provide excellent customer service under stress. In addition, you may have to simulate a phone call with a customer whose internet, iPad, or printer is not functioning."

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The interview questions are all customer service type of questions. Show a good personality and an aptitude to learn if you're not technically sound. If you are, show good customer service and personality. Afterwards they decide that day on who will get hired and who won't.

I noticed there was a list with 20 plus questions on it. I was only asked 5-10 questions, and they were normal interview questions.

Would you like this job

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Do you like the bills

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General tech troubleshooting questions were asked, i.e. "If your email isn't working, what steps would you take to fix it?"

How do you deal with stress?

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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I.T. Acronyms; I don't know how some of the staff here get passed these, but I know even working in I.T. professionally I did not know all that was thrown my way.