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Explain one time when you exceeded a goal someone set for you.

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I explained about incentive selling and how previous employers had set average we must meet. By meeting these averages we helped the company prosper. This was challenging because many people do not wish to add additional items that may cause their price to exceed their original expectations.

What was a problem that you had in the past? and what did you do to fix it?

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How I handled conflict in the work place

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Talk about your work experience, Strength and Weaknesses. Why should I hire you? It's also very informal so no need to be nervous.

The phone interview was extensive and very detailed; it lasted for 45 minutes. Some of the questions were "give an example of how you handled a very stressful situation at your current job", "what would you do if your team mate was asking you for help and you were very busy?", "what's your definition of exceptional team /team-work?", "what would you do if you caught one of your colleagues in a immoral action (for example: stealing from the company)?", "how would your current supervisor rate your employee performance?", "what tools do you use to stay organized on a busy work day?", "in what ways are you proactive at your job?", "how would you help your teammates on a busy day?", etc. The interview with the manager consisted of some of the same or similar questions to the ones I had to answer during my phone interview and she also asked me more about my previous work history, about my availability (especially during the weekends), about my desired weekly hours, about my willingness/availability to work on holidays, etc. During that interview, the manager also informed me about certain company policies and values and gave me more details about the company and the job duties and responsibilities. Even though the phone interview was objectively demanding and I could tell that they are very selective (out of a high number of job applicants, only 3 percent are selected and get the job), for me personally it wasn't too difficult because I was well prepared for both interviews and I was highly motivated to get this job.

Don't really remember because I started in high school and have been back and forth between college ever since.

Tell me about a time when you were put in a potentially unsafe situation. What was the situation and what steps did you take to keep yourself and others safe?

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