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I was asked why I was interested in the position and what skills did I possess that would make me a good candidate to fulfill their family's needs.

2 Answers

I discussed my educational background and my passion about teaching children and being a positive role model in their lives.

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I wasn't really asked hard questions. We just talked naturally about the industry and what i was looking for.

1 Answer

What would you do if you presented products/services, client was very interested, had no further questions, price was right, and still they did not sign a contract.

5 Answers

Name a time when you had to tailor a solution for a customer, because your company's current products and services couldn't help them?

4 Answers

Why have you chosen to interview with the firm?

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We need you to answer by tomorrow morning as our classes are filling up and then they moved the class date!

3 Answers

basic PS questions proved that they dont know about PS and i could sense they were taking notes and recording my expert answers

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Why did you choose this kind of work?

2 Answers

Which blue box value relates to you and why?

3 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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