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State of New Jersey
Family Service Specialist Trainee was asked...December 10, 2015

A lot of the questions are scenario questions. They want to see how you would react in different situations.

7 Answers

Do you remember what questions were being asked?

Will they let you know at the job fest if they wanna do a personal interview with you ? Less

what was the writing sample about?

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Alight Solutions

We can not match your salary expectation. Are you still interested in applying for this position?

7 Answers

Oaky it’s fine, sure am interested.

Yes, I am still interested in the position.

yes am still interested to work with you

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What advantage will I have if I hire you?

5 Answers

Since you know what you're looking for and I am still learning about your company. From what I've learned, i knew you are looking for someone who will be able to handle customer concerns quickly and effectively, when i was a tour consultant, i handle the customers with care and they became a loyal customers with my previous company Less

Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position. Less

That's a great question! You have a slight advantage over me since you know what you're looking for and I am still learning about your company. From what I've learned, it sounds like you are looking for someone who will be able to handle customer concerns quickly and effectively, is that accurate? Less

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State of Michigan

Describe a time when I had to make quick decision

5 Answers

Hello, our process is very similar as I interviewed on December 8th of 2015 and was informed a few weeks later that I passed. I also had my reference check completed about 3wks ago and I am now waiting to hear back from them with further instructions. Have you heard anything back from them yet? Would you please update when you do? Thank you!! Less

In response to my initial post about the interview. I was offered a position a few days ago and accepted the offer. I have given them a start date. The process was very long, but I hear they are in need of people ASAP so expect calls Less

What were the scenarios? I had one about Cerebral Palsy impacting speech.

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Encompass Insurance

This interview was straight forth and to the point nothing out of the ordinary or too hard.

4 Answers

I received a job offer within two weeks.

Ok so you did get the job then right? I was thinking about applying there. Are they looking for just 1 person or multiple reps? and is it Mon-fri? Less

What was the starting salary offered?

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Best Buy

Sell me this pen.....

3 Answers

Absolutely right on selling value. Don't sell what it IS; sell what it MEANS to them. Here's an idea to build on: "Let's think about what you're using this pen for. When you're working on important documents or really any document for that matter, your handwriting describes you and it puts your park on a piece of paper. Using a run-of-the-mill pen, sure, it gets the job done, but compare that to THIS pen. Its gel grip makes it comfortable to hold and the ink flows smoothly, leaving that almost 'shiny' writing. It looks classy and stands out from the writing left by other pens and again, that's a classy reflection of you. It's really your decision; do you want do go with something that makes your work stand out or something that just gets by?" Say that to an interviewer and they'll either laugh at you or say "that was awesome" and hire you. If they happen to give you a crappy pen, then I guess you can just sell it based on how it still works. :-) Less

Show value in item. Show customer why they need it/how it will make their life easier. Never call an Black tie protection a warranty. Less

Mark* on a piece of paper

Reliant Medical Group

What are your weaknesses

4 Answers

I don’t really have any

.. I’m a extremely hard worker and weakness is a word I don’t use

I take pride in any and everything I do

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State of Michigan

I haven't had the interview yet, but I have actually interviewed for this type of position before. My last interview was for a Child Welfare Agency. I was asked to read different case scenarios and tell them in writing what I would do.

4 Answers

Just saw this post. Yes, I passed the written. Not the face to face. Be careful with the Competencies answer thoroughly. Less

Have they told you whether you passed or failed the test yet? I taken mine on the same day. Less

I have tried my best to answer these types of questions but if I have not had the training and am not currently working in that capacity, how would I know what to do? Less

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How do you screen shot using the iMac?

4 Answers

I really didn't know at the time because I was used to using a PC

Would they hold that against you, if you didn't know because you might not have Mac experience? (Gasp! I realize what year it is and love my Droid. ;) ) Did you have to take an online assessment and do they reveal your score? Less

No they didn't hold it against you. N u do take test online but as long as you know basic things you will be ok. Less

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Republic Services

What do you know about Republic Services?

3 Answers

Republic Service is a company that provides non-hazardous waste and recycling services to help maintain a clean environment. Less

Collection of waste

Up and coming waste company.

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