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This interview was straight forth and to the point nothing out of the ordinary or too hard.

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Did you receive any feedback from them after you got the email saying your not chosen?

I received a job offer within two weeks.

Ok so you did get the job then right? I was thinking about applying there. Are they looking for just 1 person or multiple reps? and is it Mon-fri?

Sell me this pen.....

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From Sam Straka: How many gas stations are in the US?

1 Answer

What is our company motto?

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How am I an ideal candidate?

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Give me an example of a time you ran a diversity initiative.

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How flexible are you?

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Basic interview questions - do you have experience with a ticketing system, how do you handle stress, there are days we are on the phone all day - is that okay?

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Q1: How would your last boss rate your attendance (from 1-10)? Q2: What does accountability mean to you?

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What software have you used to program PLCs (programmable logic controllers)? I work with system protection and construction and modification of higher voltage equipment (480V-500kV) and this question was more based for their building automation (climate control/fire suppression) group of which my hiring manager was more familiar with. Take away, know your stuff going in. It may benefit you to research specific Siemens applications and have something to talk about.

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