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Why don't you have a car?

2 Answers

Because I am unemployed at the time and I have been searching for work.

you could answer "but I have a bike/motocycle" it's a question to test you EQ(emotional intelligence quotient)

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years if you are hired into this position?

1 Answer

What would you do if there was a potential situation that required safety gear and there was no PPE gear on site?

1 Answer

Leading up to a question they said, Employees are either an expense or an asset, based on their performance and their contributions. Businesses, especially small ones, are always trying to reduce expenses and avoid unnecessary expenses. If you're hired, how will you ensure that you will be an asset to our company and during slow business times what things will you do to prevent from becoming an expense?

1 Answer

What do you know about Simplex/Grinnell/Tyco?

1 Answer

Are you afraid of heights

1 Answer

what would you do if a customer started cussing you

1 Answer

Tell us why you think you're qualified for this position.

1 Answer

What do you see yourself doing with this company?

1 Answer

What experience in a shop have you had in the past and what are your limits?

1 Answer
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