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Tell me a time where you had a deadline to meet and how did you meet it?

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How long did it take for them to extend the offer to you? And was the background check done before or after the offer ?

My very first position my Background check and drug screen were done prior to an offer. My first role there took 2 months before I received an offer my current role it took a total of 4 months and I was an internal associate.

Great. Thanks for the quick response. One last question. In your very first role, were you informed about the background check before they did it?

They didn’t ask me much, I mostly initiated the conversation. On another interview the one person who seemed to know what he was doing asked me what’s important to me as an employee

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what are your qualifications?

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Why do you want to work here is about it.

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Often questions pertaining to elaboration of technical or procedural project development and design activity phases, such as the Project Design and Development Guide or Bridge Manual, or standards applicable to technical specialty area.

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What is your dream job?

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What do you know about our history?

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If you told a lie and were called on it, how would you react?

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What I would like to achieve working for them. Long and short

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do you cook a lot at home and what are your favorites?

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