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Several Interview Questions


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Why Colonial Country Club?

1 Answer

Employment history - review and detailed descriptions

1 Answer

Tell me a time where you had a deadline to meet and how did you meet it?

3 Answers

what are your qualifications?

1 Answer

How well I worked with others, Safety, Symbols, Drafting Standards, Math, Work History

If I asked your current boss to describe you, what would they tell me?

Looking for new business leads from me rather than discussing a particular role. SJ consultants do not really seem to know "their" sector well. Most have no work experience in the sector.

Tell me about a time you did not agree with a company policy and how you handled the situation.

Not really difficult or unexpected, I was asked about the numerous projects I have worked on. He also asked the standard, boiler-plate questions out of the HR handbook like telling him about a difficult issue I had encountered.

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