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Why are you willing to leave your present position?

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That's one of my most closely guarded answers - sorry.

What makes you get up in the morning?

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What are your salary / benifits requirements?

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The first two interviews were general questions asked by most employees. What is your experience related to the position we're offering. The last interview lasted a full day where I believe the actual company was more interested to determine if I was a good fit for their environment and to was very thorough to explain their goals and expectations. Most questions were related to past experience how I handled situations and the outcome.

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Majority is behavior question since, it is new position they don't really know what the specification or its' duty. 1. Description how you handle difficult co-worker and customer 2. How you handle aggressive dead line in a stressful environment 3. How to work with difficult co-worker

Life cycle of a page and how to improve its performance while its in the SharePoint Environment.

Mostly technical things related to SP and lots of small talk.

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