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How might my research (described in my presentation) apply to a specific type of data mining problem.

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My work was unrelated to the proposed problem in specifics, but there were underlying mathematical similarities that might be exploited to take a similar approach.

- Whiteboard coding. - Given a scenario what is your testing approach. - Past project and experience

Translate requirements expressed as mathematical formula into pseudocode implementation.

Design a secure document-request system, getting in-depth about APIs and data storage.

A few reasonable algorithmic problem-solving questions, not theoretical CS.

- Design a database schema for a property management company where A) tenants can submit issues for their properties, B) property managers can assign tasks within issues to their building staff, C) building staff can mark their tasks complete - Make a wireframe for the frontend of the application staff can use to mark their tasks complete (using React). Explain how a click event update the UI to show a task complete and also update the database appropriately

Q: Write a function that will print the numbers 0 through 5, printing each number one second apart

Design the data schema, API end points, and backend file structure for an app similar to Google Docs (users can have documents, those documents can have comments from other users)

Design an api, database model, UI for a clone of jenkins

- Behavioral questions - Questions related to functional, regression, security and penetration testing - Automation questions related to API and web testing - A coding question about array manipulation