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If you saw someone steal a quarter. Would you report it?

10 Answers


No. I'd talk them out of it. Pay them a quarter from my own pocket if I had to. Who's integrity is worth 25¢?

Easy to steal quarters? Where can I get in on this action?

they asked me to define certain acronyms used in the transportation industry

1 Answer

The interview involved standard questions and explanations about the position requirements and expectations and qaulifications

1 Answer

They asked which job would I feel more comfortable with between two openings.

1 Answer

Are you legally able to work in the us?

1 Answer

They asked basic questions, Like strengths, weaknesses. Why should I hire you. Tell me about a time with a bad customer.

1 Answer

Where would you like to work in the warehouse?

1 Answer

How much experience do you have in warehouse work?

1 Answer

There was not enough of an interview to have a difficult or unexpected question.

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