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Business Manager Interview Questions in Singapore

"Businesses depend on their business managers to oversee the operations of a department to ensure that goals are being met and productivity is consistent. In an interview, expect to cover questions about large accounts you may have managed, your previous experiences in business, and how you handle conflict or stress. In addition, you may be asked to explain how you validate data integrity or to even provide a sales pitch for their company."

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Is that all you've prepared for your powerpoint?

1 Answer

Yes because there isn't much revealed in the brief required. It's pretty much running blind.

Case study. No unconventional question in the rest of the interview.

1 Answer

How do you see Promethean? A hardware or a software company?

1 Answer

What did you do in the previous company?

1 Answer

Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years. To be the most cost efficient service provider in the freight industry.

1 Answer

if you and your supervisor have a disagreement and you know that he/she is in the wrong, what will you do?

1 Answer

Describe your job experience in the role you have applied for.