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Principal Interview Questions in Singapore, Singapore

In addition to serving as the educational and administrative head of a school, a principal acts as the public face and spokesperson. Employers will be looking for candidates who display strong communication skills, the ability to resolve issues among the staff, students, and their families, and a clear vision for a healthy learning environment. To excel in your interview, come prepared with examples of past conflicts you have successfully handled and ideas around how you would foster active learning situations.

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Tell me about a time where you felt you should have asked more questions. What did you do to overcome that problem?

Mainly Technical questions related to DC. Questions asked were generic and require board based knowledge. Specialization in a certain area might not be able to cut it. Have a sense that they do not know what they need/want but is rather fishing or waiting to be impressed.

no much technical question, it is more on personal lifestyle

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its not question but one of suggestion from HR panel, you are single you can live with friends not much expensive here in Singapore..

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Various questions were directed towards knowing what the company I interned for was doing rather than what I knew. They were trying to extract information.

Why u want to join LTA Why u want to leave the current position What do u know about LTA Ask about current job scope

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Standard questions like why you choose the organisation and why you wish to leave your current post etc.

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