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Site Engineer Interview Questions

"The interview for a position as a site engineer will consist of questions about your technical knowledge of civil engineering and construction, experience with supervising different types of sites, and your attention to detail. Employers will want you to have a degree in engineering or a construction-related discipline."

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In your chosen language write a script to list all of the files in a directory as a web page. How would you resolve a server bottleneck?

I'm under an NDA, so I can't say much. They asked three questions that were solvable by someone who had passed 225 at UIUC, one question suitable for someone enrolled in 473, and one site reliability question that was super fun.

Basic list processing (kind of question you would get in a beginning algorithms class).

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With respect to my NDA, I won't go into details, but I was asked to design a highly-available production service from bare metal all the way to algorithms and data structures.

Cant say too much, algos about array/string/tree and Big-O.

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What's 2^32 ?

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Tell me about x project

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Explain what happened when you search on Google?

What is an inode?

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