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This is not a 9-5 job. Can you work more than 40 hours a week?

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At my present job, I work more than 60 hours a week and have 22 direct reports.

probably should keep your current job

How do I feel when laying off or firing someone.

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Followed the STAR method and asked questions related to leadership, mechanical ability and quantitative ability. For example, Please describe an instance where you successfully led a group of people on a project/job task. Could you describe a situation where you had to solve a mechanical problem related to your work? Could you describe a situation where you had to calculate or use your quantitative reasoning to solve a problem out in the field? They asked what made me apply to Chevron? How did I get interested in the industry? What are the main reasons I want to be a Chevron employee? They also asked if I had any questions about them. I asked the recruiter about their job experience and assignments as well as what brought them to Chevron. I always like turning the questions around and seeing how well they present themselves. This provided a good break from the stressful interview process.

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In most interviews - the question - what is your most undesirable quality ?

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Presented PFD's of process units and asked me to describe what I saw

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1. Complexity... are you kidding me? Is this a college grad course? Most questions will be based around data structure and algorithms; even though this have nothing to do with day to day job (I asked what a detailed typical day was during process) 2. DRBD and HA/heartbeat linux; interviewer was way outside of his depth and didn't fully understand clustering. Refrained from correcting him when he started down wrong path with questions. 3. write a script on the fly; type of questions. Again; nothing to do with actual operations. make a script do this to a string of words make a script do this to groups and users accounts on linux system etc... On a live google hangout; no vim, no emacs... cannot use your function library you've built over the years; exactly how NO ONE programs anymore. 4. Not one troubleshooting question 5. Not a single Past action review question.

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Would you be able to give discipline to a friend?

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Tell us a little about yourself

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What would you do to make sure a customer left fully satisfied?

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What is the mission of SRE? How to define success of your team? How to measure success of IC compare to Manager? How to choose which technology to use? How to manage conflict of interests? How to deal with "hard" employees? What is your management style? How to manage contractors? What might be different in managing contractor compare to full-time employee? How to manage remote teams? How to define metrics for a monitoring system? How to avoid false-positives?

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