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Why do I have to work two hours to afford your top selling combo.

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Because minimum wage just is'nt enough money.

What other experience do you have

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Are you willing to come in on YOUR days off?

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Do you take the Underground Rail road to work?

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none that I remember. The most difficult or unexpected action after the interview after I was hired. I would frequently get called and told not to come in, but they expected you to take call. This involved a 70 mile drive and I would not be there in 30 min. They expected me to drive to El Centro, rent a room and stay there for the night so if I was called in I could make in the 30 minute window. We were paId maybe 4-5 dollars an hour while on call not called in This amount would not cover the cost of the room they want me to rent to be at their bec and call let alone my gas and food, then got all bent out of shape when I said I would not do that. We parted ways at the end of my 90 day probation The hospital was not willing and out right refused to accommodate a known disability.

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What former experience do you have?

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what did you do at your last job, hours you can work

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