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What would you do if a customer accused you of being racist?

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I said something along the lines of apologize for having made the customer feel that way and assuring them that I am only seeking to support the company's policy and standards in the situation. (I don't know if this was a good or bad answer. That's a tough question to respond to!)

Wouldn't say "we're not racist" because the word you remember is racist. Would say something along the lines of "we're sorry you felt that way, we want everyone to feel welcome and your experience is the furthest from our values and what we stand for."

Writing Test - 2 Hours to Complete The following test serves two purposes: 1. To test your basic editing and writing skills. 2. To gauge your critical thinking skills. Competency in these areas is fundamental to sound marketing communications, and will be key in content marketing and social media execution. Additionally, since we are frequently under deadline pressure, this test has a time limit of two hours. We recommend you review the entire test and plan accordingly. Take note, some of the more time-intensive elements are at the end. Feel free to use the Internet, spell-check and any other standard tools of the trade.   Section 1: Editing Grammar/word usage – Please circle the correct word(s) in each of the sentences below. 1. Peter’s natural ability and his desire to work with reporters has/have led to a career in public relations. 2. The zoning committee granted its/their permission to move forward. 3. The media is/are going to attend the event. 4. He gave her a complementary/complimentary ticket to the concert. 5. Each desk has its/it’s own computer, that/which is equipped with all the best software. 6. One affect/effect of too much caffeine is jittery nerves. It affects/effects everyone differently. 7. It was a/an honest mistake, but Helen was still nervous to admit she’d lost her mother’s keys. 8. Whoever/whomever wants to play golf on Saturday will need to send an email to Ashley and myself/me/I. Punctuation – Please correct punctuation errors in the following sentences, as necessary. (Not all sentences necessarily require correction. Please use the track changes feature so we can follow your edits.) 1. I knew all the rules, though, I didn’t know how to implement them. 2. My teammate, Alice, joined the rest of the team on the softball field. 3. Smith said “I cannot comment on that until the case is complete”. 4. Everyone in my office has a specific job, as a matter of fact, most employees have three or four duties.   Section 2: Social Media Strategy The client comes to you with a goal of raising awareness on social media for an upcoming sale. What key questions do you ask the client in order to tailor and recommend an effective social strategy? What are some immediate next steps you should take after the meeting?   Section 3: Social Media Content Jackson Spalding has just been named a “Top Workplace” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Please draft a hypothetical Facebook post and tweet for Jackson Spalding to share this news, as well as your strategy for distribution. We measure retweets, likes, shares, comments and clicks with the ultimate goal of showcasing the JS culture. Our social media brand impacts internal morale, business reputation and recruitment. Section 4: Social Media Customer Service / Crisis Communications Following is a hypothetical crisis scenario that arises on social media. Please draft an example response for each of the appropriate social platforms, if necessary, and list the steps you would take to resolve the problem. The end goal is a happy client and to end the online conversation quickly. A customer (@JaneDoe) had a negative in-store experience with an employee of a large food chain restaurant. The frustrated customer posts a video on her personal YouTube page of the employee losing her temper and yelling at the customer. The customer also shares the link on the restaurant’s Facebook page and tweets the video link, tagging @deliciousfoodchain, in addition to sharing the video on his personal Facebook page. This customer has a significant influence on social media and also writes for the local newspaper.  Section 5: Essay Please answer one of the following questions: 1. In a communications landscape that is increasingly cluttered, what makes certain messages stand out? 2. What is your philosophy of what it means to be successful in your career? 3. Select a company you perceive has a strong content marketing strategy and demonstrates social media best practices – tell us why you see this company as an authority, and back up your answer with examples.

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Most difficult? I was asked why I was a better candidate than the others being considered. This brings the answer to personality, as I imagine we were all well qualified for the position. I imagine this question and my answer was used to best identify the best fit for this small tight knit department.

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I was asked the standard question about what makes me the best candidate out of the 3 being considered.

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How would you use your job duties at your current role in a Twitter capacity?

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What is your spirit animal?

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Tell me a joke.

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Who I followed on social media or who a major influencer was to me

"How do you define success?" "What is a unique skill you would bring to Main Street Hub?"