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Social Media Manager Interview Questions

Social Media Manager Interview Questions

When interviewing you as social media manager, employers want to assess your technical skills with social media communication and monitoring technologies and your "soft skills" in terms creating compelling social campaigns and being the voice of the brand. Expect lots of questions about how you use technologies and lots of hypotheticals about how you would handle different difficult situations. Employers will also ask about successful campaigns that you ran, and how you demonstrated success.

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Why should I hire you?

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I was asked to submit a social media strategy and sample posts for several of Mindspark's brands. I have no idea what happened to that information after my six interviews, as no one at the company ever contacted me again, despite being told I would hear information -- good or bad -- "in the next few days."

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The interview questions were pretty standard. The biggest thing I felt they were looking for, after they knew I was more than qualified, was how my personality would fit with their current staff at their corporate.

What I would do to engage the speakers with social media?

Why and how long have you wanted to work for a collision center?

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Why marketing? What makes a great blogpost? Why do you want to work for BountyJobs? What do you know about BountyJobs? What attracted you to this position more, HR/ or recruiting? --- then these questions were just recycled each and every time I returned for another unnecessary interview. If you prefer a more straightforward process where they don’t make elaborate excuses for their own delays, yet fail to explain why they continued to drag on in months of redundancy, this may not be the company for you.

Why do you want to work for Bancroft Websites?

What is key to you in a brand's social media presence?

How do you view advertising companies on social media?

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