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Describe a campaign for us you would use to get more people to our job portal site.

4 Answers

Would not give answer.

How come you did not answer? Just curious..

Where hire someone if you give away strategies for free? The VP of talent, literally has someone fill out what to put on her linkedin Profile. Seriously... A VP of Talent Donata Davenport doesn't know how to use linkedin and she is recruiting talent for a major company!? Donata Davenport later changed the title to HR specialist. That makes no sense for HR to do. Her methodology on business structures are poor. That is why they can't get their online job portal more candidates.

How can I manage to work from such long distance? What do I expect from Youtern?

2 Answers

Q: They asked me many questions related to situations I had to deal with client work, social media analytics, how to gather business, had I presented to clients before, etc.

1 Answer

What is your biggest strength?

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Describe a time in which you faced a challenge in your career, and explain how you dealt with it.

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I was asked by the hiring director I knew the different keyword match types? I was also asked why did I want the job?

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why do you want to work for Ayzenberg?

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Do you have a favorite Excel formula? (I think this was asked mostly out of curiosity on the interviewer's part and less formally than the other questions in the interview).

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What would I change about the product if I could change one thing?

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The personality test is only 2 questions and apparently says A LOT about you.

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