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Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services
Social Worker I was asked...June 15, 2013

Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced in you work, or personal experience and what you did.

1 Answers

Give them a scenario where you're integrity was challenged, what decision you made and how you came to that conclusion Less


Vertel iets bijzonders over jezelf

1 Answers

De meeste vragen in het gesprek waren vrij standaard, maar deze verwachtte ik niet. Uiteindelijk had ik niet echt iets bijzonders te melden. Less

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

What do you know/how do you know about DSHS?

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I advised my experience working with local non-profits, working in Workforce funding and also my personal experience from attending college late in life and receiving assistance for a very short period of time allowed me to be aware of many facets of DSHS. Less

UC San Diego Health

Do you have experience conducting suicide assessments, How would you handle conflict with a supervisor, What is motivational interviewing and how would you use it to support behavior change with a client, What changes were made from DSM-IV to DSM-5?

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Latino, Black, Indian

State of Illinois

Do you want the job?

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Georgia Department of Human Services

What would you do during an unethical situation How would you handle conflict

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I would consult with my Supervisor and Co Workers

BayCare Health System

Why do you want to leave your current job?

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I do enjoy working at my current job. The culture and the people make it a great place to work. But I'm looking for more responsibility with new and fresh challenges. I feel as though I'm ready for another stage in my career. Less

What is your strength?

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My strengths are that I am a hardworker and I had had treatment planning experience; also, another strength was prior experience working for LA DOC at another facility. Less

Fresno County

Tell us about yourself? If you were called to a hospital where a child had bruises and marks, what would you do? Everything else pretty general for interviews. Where would you like to be placed? Do research if you care where you want to go. Don’t be afraid to ask what departments have openings.

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I am a behavioral health professional who has worked with children, adolescents, and the MISA populations. I have worked in the areas of victims of violent crimes children, adolescents and adults. I was trained as a child welfare specialist. I was the Victims of Violent Crimes Coordinator. I have worked in settings such as agency, residential, and hospital. I have worked just about the entire span of the human services field which is the reason for the short but flexibility of employment on my resume. I strongly feel and believe that my experience in the human services given me the a special eye for being able to see beyond the verbal problem that I hear. If I was called to a hospital where a child had bruises and marks, the first thing is to do a quick assessment. I am going to introduce myself and ask the name and age of the child. I want to know where did the bruises come from, how did the child get the bruises. I want to know how did the child get to the hospital who brought the child in. I would want to know where was the child picked up from. I am a mandated reporter of child abuse so I am going to contact the police and the Department of Children and Family Services, if this is a child abuse case. If not I will still contact the police department. I am going pull out a diagram sheet and label where the nurse or doctor observe the bruises and marks. Because of the HIPPA LAW, taking optics of a child’s body is not allowed unless employed by the Department of Children and Family Services as a Social Worker or Child Welfare Specialist. I can continue on but what I have just given is the most immediate and important. I am prefer to be placed in Fresno, California but I am flexible as you can see from my resume. Thank you, Less

Orange County Health Care Agency

Please describe your education and clinical experience that has prepared you for a position as a clinical social worker in the HCA. Include, if any, your experience in providing services for the serious and persistently mentally ill.

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