Social Studies Teacher Interviews

Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions

Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions

In an interview for a social studies teaching position be prepared to be asked about your teaching style, educational background, and knowledge of the material you will be presenting. Like any other teaching position, schools with be looking to hire individuals with a passion for passing on knowledge in an effective way. Middle school social studies teachers will require a bachelor's degree and educational certification and high school teachers will be expected to have a degree in social studies or a related field.

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Top Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three social studies teacher interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: What strategies do you use to handle a difficult student?

How to answer: This question allows interviewers to assess your classroom management and communication skills. Discuss the strategies you use to build positive student-teacher relationships. List and discuss the interventions you would use to help a difficult student. If you can, share previous successes in classroom management.

Question #2: How do you accommodate the needs of differently abled students?

How to answer: Social studies teachers must make learning accessible to students of varying abilities and backgrounds. Discuss techniques and strategies you would use to help all students learn classroom material.

Question #3: Which techniques do you use to communicate with parents?

How to answer: Parent-teacher cooperation is critical to student success in the classroom. This question allows the interviewer to assess your approach to parent communication. Your answer should demonstrate a commitment to building teacher-parent relationships and include specific steps to build that relationship.

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Social Studies Teacher was asked...October 7, 2015

What does an ideal classroom look like?

1 Answers

I spoke about multicultural angles, preparedness, attitude, everyone knowing his or her role, and efficiency. Less

Marshfield Public Schools District

Would you be willing to create a new curriculum based entirely on non-textbook resources?

1 Answers

Yes. I think it would be challenging, but easier to keep current and relevant and more cost effective (this district has 1:1 tech). Less

Not much. When could I arrive.

4 Answers

I told them the date.

Of course they are not going to tell you the salary or benefits. They do not have a pay scale to show you, and they want to underpay you, as they do with every single teacher walking in (apart from the ones without qualifications that, ironically, are well-paid). Less

Yeah, that's what I figured. Not to worry, a few days I got two other job offers whereby they DID tell me the pay scale before I had to commit to accepting and sending references... Yea!! Less

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Ridgewood Public Schools

If you had to remove one of the Bill of Rights, which one would you remove?

2 Answers

I would remove the second amendment because of the rampant gun violence in America. Less

Either poorly framed or a trick question.

Cobb County School District

How would you handle discipline for a student who disrespects a teacher?

2 Answers

It depends on the teacher and what they are teaching. You have to understand students quality and work on them rather than interrupt them again and again in front of whole class. Involve them in different works and trust on them and make your lesson so effective where children can learn with hands on practice. Less

With redirecting the behavior, allowing the student to analyze the behavior, and positive reinforcement. Less

Killeen Independent School District

What would you do if a student had a 68% (70% is passing) in your class?

2 Answers

Give them an opportunity to come in and correct low performing assignments. If they come in, give them the points. If they don't, then don't give them the points. Pretty simple. A 69 is different, that could be the difference in a poorly-written test question between passing and failing. Bump up all 69s without question, 68 only if they prove they want to work and correct items. Less

First, I would evaluate myself. Did I execute the lesson plan so that all students were able to comprehend and respond effectively. I think that some students are not good test takers but do understand the material. Review the material with the student and see if the mistakes were simply lack of attention to detail or does the student actually have a problem learning the subject. I am not an advocate of "giving" or "bumping" grades. Students have to learn and appreciate earning the grade that they worked for even if that grade is a 68%, but there are variables that can be considered such as, was the student engaged? Did he/she complete all assignments on time? Was the student a distraction in the class? These variables will assist my decision on how to appropriately assist the student. Less

Killeen Independent School District

How would you reach low income students and make them care about school?

2 Answers

Being that a student comes from a low income environment doesn't mean that they don't care about school. As an educator you have to find ways to relate to the student and not enabling the student to use their economic situation as a crutch to devalue school. Being from a low income environment myself, I would share my experiences on how I approached societal road blocks and overcome them. Listening to them is key, they have a version of the story and it should be respected and valued. Students want to know they are heard, appreciated and valued despite their social or economical backgrounds. Less

You make them feel valued in your classroom. You let them have a voice and some input on their educational experience. You treat them with dignity and respect. It's not hard to connect with them if you jut make a concentrated effort during the first weeks of school. Less

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Most of the questions for this particular interview focused on PBL and inquiry. However, one question that stood out what how I dealt with change.

1 Answers

My answer is genuine because my current place of employment is going through a lot of change and the staff is very negative. I was able to give genuine examples of how I've encouraged peers in my current workplace to see change as an opportunity and even when change is scary - it can be very good. Less

Ridgewood Public Schools

What is the most serious issue facing our students when they leave high school?

1 Answers

Debt and marketability.

Newman International Academy of Arlington

Which do you prefer, general or special education?

1 Answers

I would be happy with either, but I'm leaning towards general.

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