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inner join and outer join definitions. and normalization

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Why is polymorphism useful in OOP

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How to grep phone numbers in Unix directory. The files are spread across the directory tree.

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Signed NDA, format is very similar to those already in glassdoor. If you study those questions, you will have a good idea of their expectations of their candidates. I recommend brushing up on OOP concepts and practice XP development processes.

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Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.

Given an array of integers, find the largest possible number you can make from all the integers combined.

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Problem :Design an org-chart server. Server (preferably multi-threaded) reads the sample file containing employee data. File format: Its semi-colon separated, the first field is the employee-id, 2nd field is name [can be space separated] & the 3rd field is his manager’s id. employee-id will be equal to reports-to-id for CEO. The file can have empty lines. If number of tokens is not equal to 3, it should ignore these lines but report a message/warning and continue. The id’s can be numbers or strings Sample file: ########### 1: CEO: 1 2: CTO: 1 3: VP Sales: 1 4: Tech Manager1: 2 5: Tech Manager2:

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