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Write a method that lists all files in a directory as well as its sub-directories. Assume you already have a method that can list everything in one directory and another method that tells you whether a path is a directory or a file.

Using a programming language of your choice, write a program to find broken images in a page using Selenium Web Driver.

Create 20 test cases for a 2-digit field with a submit button.

What's the reason behind bellow given Selenium WebDriver exception and how will you resolve It? "Exception in thread "main" org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element"

A dynamically changing html page contains the following contents, how to locate the input field for the 2nd line item? Question 5 2x 2x

NDA. Questions ranged from : QA methodologies, how would I QA a given feature, and code on board for a BST problem.

Sent me a java script file and asked me to modified it and ran it using testComplete

If you and a teammate had opposing ideas, what would you do to reconcile them?

First round questions are from Core Java & Selenium Second round will be your past experience, architect will ask about your previous projects and how they are working (Believe me if you are good in previous projects then this round will be very easy) Again Third round will be fully from core Java & Selenium WebDriver Questions : These are some of the questions I remember, Java : 1. Polymorphism 2. Diff b/w throw & throws 3. catch & finally 4. Can exception be caught without catch block 5. Diff b/w Abstract & Interface Selenium : 1. Page Object Model 2. Selenium limitation 3. Diff b/w close and quit 4. how to select frames 5. Implicit and Explicit wait 6. Ask about your real time work in selenium 7. locators

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