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In C#, given a question about passing an ArrayCollection of class instances and an ArrayCollection of struct instances, find how to implement the method in each case.

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Hiring manager wanted to know details of the integration testing process at my former company.

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You have to discuss with the panel about the brainstorming session you would conduct with your team before talking to CIO of a company about the security loopholes in the mobile devices.

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They asked me to tell a bit about myself (give my story) and that was pretty much it in the first interview.

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Given the time, find the degrees between the minute and hours hands.

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You never know what kind of technical question they may ask but make sure you know the technology you are applying for. Also be prepared to answer a question on how you identified a problem at work and used innovation to solve the problem.

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You have 9 beans. 8 of a particular weight, 1 of a lighter weight, but all of the same volume, shape, etc. Basically you can't tell them apart. You also have a scale, like a mechanical balance scale where you put some beans on one side and some on the other and it tips to whichever side is heavier. In how many measurements can you always be 100% sure which bean is the smaller one. hint: the answer isn't 1 or 3

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Why we use RAID? Simple SQL Queries! Array Loops, What is Firewall? What is DHCP? Router and Switch COnfiguration and few more technical question.

I was not asked any difficult or unexpected questions. I did have to take a drug test which was a little inconvenient; however it's well worth the trouble.

What mobile operating systems do you know? Which one do you prefer and why? What are the latest versions?

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