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I did not expect to be grilled so badly on my projects.

Write methods for a particular game, their parameters, return types and explain them.

You'll get challenging coding questions, and a testing question that requires creative thought.

Not a difficult question, but encountered few trick questions.

Why would you make a destructor virtual in C++?

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Whiteboard exercise to draw out the jQuery AJAX pattern. Implement a simple interface/class pattern in C#.

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Forget about specifics and make sure you have your CS fundamentals brushed up and wear your "Analytical Thinking" hat on that day. They don't care too much about implementation details in any specific language, they want to make sure you can come up with efficient solutions using object oriented design and how passionate you are about your technology. I had a feeling they value interpersonal and communication skills very highly as well. Be relaxed and as said before keep your analytical thinking hat on all the time. It gets a little exhausting towards the end.