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Software design Interview Questions

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You have a genealogy: 1) Describe a data structure to represent it. 2) Given any two people within the genealogy, describe an algorithm to determine if they share a common ancestor. You just need to return true/false, not all ancestors.

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1) Each person is represented by an object, with two pointers: "mom" and "dad" that point to their respective parent. 2) Choose one of the two people arbitrarily. Perform depth-first traversal and create a set of ancestors reachable from that person. Perform depth-first traversal on the 2nd person and for each node visited check if they are in the set; if yes, return true. Use a hash-set for best performance.

calculate the height of person 1 in the tree, calculate the height of person 2. Move them up to be the same height. Then keep going until they intersect.

@user: Its not a tree. A genealogy is a graph due to the fact that you have maternal and paternal trees intersecting. Therefore there is no root from which to calculate height.

What is SDLC

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What is your favorite technical acronym?

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why i wanted to do what i interviewed for. Would I fit in. How much experience and what did i know about the job.

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How would you go about designing an university? What classes and methods will it have?

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If you had a design goal that required more technical information in order for you to continue, how would you proceed?

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Do you know anything about Spectrum Management?

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Design (in Object Oriented manner) a restaurant reservation service. No coding necessary beyond class names and method names and rough description of how they work. Then design the SQL database for this system (table names, columns and foreign keys)

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Design an elevator and chess game.

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Name some software design patterns?

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