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Tell me when you should communicate via e-mail vs. in-person communication.

1 Answer

Stated that primary mode of communication is e-mail unless the subject is complex or may be misinterpreted.

Given a string find the first non-repeated character.

10 Answers

find if 2 strings are anagrams

5 Answers

How would you design a Zoo class using OO design?

4 Answers

Design an email sender that can send 100,000,000 emails. You have 5 machines how could you do it efficiently.

3 Answers

Binary tree with parent pointers, given two nodes find common ancestor.

3 Answers

Write a function to find the node where two linked lists meet.

3 Answers

Given an array of 100 integers where every integer from 1-101 occurs once, except for one. Find the missing integer.

3 Answers

Given two linked lists A and B, return a new linked list C, where C consists of all elements in A or B that are contained in only A or only B.

2 Answers

Roman to Int

2 Answers
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