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Code up a photo gallery for the web including the HTML, CSS, and JS. (pseudo code allowed)

Why did you want to leave your previous concern

Simple pattern matching question. how will you search for "love" in a string "I love New York"

Code to print numbers 1-10 Code to perform binary search What is big-O notation

technical design and situational questions

Question: If you have 9 objects and a scale that can weigh two things against each other, how do you find the object with a different weight?

How my experience would allow adaptability into the contract position.

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Now the same question, except you have 100 vending machines each with 100 items in them, and one big scale that weighs and outputs a number. How do you find the vending machine whose candy is differently weighted form the other 99 vending machines?

describe how you would build X: (X is a famous interactive website)

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