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What is a class?

4 Answers

Just because you have years of programming experience, doesn't mean you won’t be asked entry-level question. Prepare for this.

This is a reasonable question for a senior person - you should be able to explain basics to a client, manager or junior person. So a answer could be: A class is a group of objects with shared properties. Using classes reduces time needed for new coding and simplifies changes.

Take responsibility for your actions. For someone with that much experience, you can't answer this stupid question? I do interviews and hires and if you gave me that lame excuse, I would terminate the interview on the spot. Every resume I look at looks the same (same experience, job titles, job responsibility). You need to make the difference in the interview, this is what distinguish you from the other 100 candidates. Hate to say it but, with the economy the way it is, it is easier to be choosy on who I hire.

Hiring manager wanted to know details of the integration testing process at my former company.

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

1 Answer

Pretty straightforward. They were looking for someone with my skillset, so nothing too challenging. They asked SharePoint questions which at the time, I had little experience in.

None really, Just know the framework that you are interviewing for...

What were some past mistakes you made, and what did you learn form it?

The first half was mostly about Core Java(Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Multi-threading, Collections, Data Structures etc). The second half more of J2EE. Questions on different frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, etc. Questions about various Design Patterns and heavy focus on REST.

Code challenge building and testing front-end shopping cart application

Questions concerning data structures, algorithms, test-driven-development, dependency injection, inversion of control, systems architecture/design, databases, and front-end/back-end development. There was a focus on Java, JavaScript, and SQL.

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