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Software Development Engineer I Interview Questions


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Complexity of this algorithm. How to improve the complexity?

3 Answers

Discuss finding the most efficient route in terms of cost and time for moving products through warehouses to customers. Explain algorithm complexity.

2 Answers

Given the tax ids and phone numbers of everyone in NYC, go and get their email addresses. Now what would you change if we expand to NY state? The US?

1 Answer

Given sample code and asked to determine what it was supposed to do. Then asked to point out everything wrong with it.

Say you had a dictionary of words. How would you set it up? And what would you do if you needed to search for a word (what type of search)? About how long would it take for you to search for the word using Big O notation?

Given two arrays, write a method to find their intersection?

What is a hash map? How could you use hash maps to find the intersection between two arrays faster?