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How do you communicate that a project is taking longer than planned and what solutions do you offer?

What are Inner / Outer Joins in SQL? How are they different?

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Common behavioral questions. Nothing unexpected. What are your accomplishments, failures etc.

Given a 2D array, find the sum of all the elements in the array. O(n^2) solution is too slow, find ways to optimize (ended up adding a second parameter 2D array).

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Given two nodes in a binary tree, find their first common ancestor (if it exists).

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Data structures, concurrency, databases, recursive algorithms.

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General logic/debugging questions. Write a method that determines whether two rectangles overlap given their top-right and bottom-left coordinates.

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General questions on my past projects and questions related to REST APIs, Javascript, HTTP.

Signed an NDA, I think it's valid for only six months after expiry I'll come and update this

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