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Software development engineer i interview questions shared by candidates

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Standard questions from top 50 questions in programcreek with a little modification.

1 Answer

I cannot disclose the questions since I signed a contract with them.

simple java question. quick sort, comparator and so on

If your manager and director each ask you to do something, and there's a conflict, how will you behave?

To write a code for swapping any data type objects using an online editor

Debugging section consists of basic algorithm and data structures while analytical sections consists of analogy based questions.

7 Answers

Signed an NDA. Just know your sorting algorithms, out to use Hash Maps and how to analyze Big O. Also think about scalability.

4 Answers

When did you go above and beyond for a customer.

Didn't sign NDA, but I would rather not disclose the coding questions they asked me. I would just say to practice CTCI / Leetcode / etc.

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