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Why would you want to work here, we (Both managers said they almost quit every few weeks) I made $120,000.00 the previous year why would I come to work for a starting salary of $35000.00 plus commission My Answer, I think I'll make $100,000.00 my first year just train me and turn me loose on commission I guess they didn't like my self confidence Needless to say I didn't get the job

BST with different test cases which returns tree is BST or not. ? Given array of 4 values,we need to add the two consecutive numbers so that it gives different combinations of values with there sums we nee d to pop out the smallest value among those combinations?

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A big project for 4 teams each with 3 people to do.

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I signed an NDA and I will respect it. However, questions were related to algorithms and data structures as well as OOP.

Number Sequences, Letter Sequences, Problems involving placements at a table with requirements

If you had more time, what would you do to continue the project?

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Can't talk too much about it, but it's all about extending, modifying, and implementing a core library that they give you.

Technical screen was a simple string question. On-site was pretty much all white board coding rounds, 1 interview on design question and all of them spent some time on any one of the 14 leadership principles. Questions- - Print binary tree spirally - Topological sort for a graph - 2 dynamic programming questions - Design a service like Netflix(design interview, this one is the most important interviews. Goes into a little depth. I recommend familiarizing yourself with Consistent Hashing, how it works etc)

merge two linked list

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1. How do you pass something by reference in Python? 2. Write code to find the time between two dates? 3. Implement a tree and depth first search on that tree

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