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What I can do to get you in the door?

1 Answer

Given a balance and marbles where one marble weighs more than the other, how many times do you have to use the balance to find the heaviest marble for 7 marbles. Then, extend that answer to how many marbles can you weigh with 4 tries.

3 Answers

How will you write a function to merge two sorted arrays assuming one of them have enough space to hold all the members.

2 Answers

How would you test a search engine ?

1 Answer

Design a parking lot using OOPS.

1 Answer

Mathematically prove "Birthday paradox".

1 Answer

The interviewer asked me if I am aware that the position I am being interviewed for is lower than my current one.

1 Answer

Find the n the element of a singly linked list without traversing the linked list more than once. Test the program.

1 Answer

Design a test strategy for DLNA based wireless streaming. Tell how to test it.

1 Answer

How to explain to a non techy about the paging process of an operating system. Tell the non techy guy about the fragmentation procedure and fragmentation.

1 Answer