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Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) Intern Interview Questions


Software development engineer in test (sdet) intern interview questions shared by candidates

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You have two results from a database query. Check if they return the same thing.

1 Answer

Use the EXCEPT Keyword between the result set and make sure nothing is returned.

Design a test for ______

1 Answer

I was asked to design a program to read class attributes in a java file. This was a question I did not expect.

Given a string of characters figure out how many palindromes are in the list of words.

Questions on string manipulation and string handling. Questions on algorithms and data management. Questions on project and time management.

I would rather not disclose any interview questions. I will say that half the questions I got were very personalized, while the other half are similar to the ones you can find online... Know your algorithms, data structures, and design patterns. My networks, information security, databases, compilers, and finite state automata knowledge came in handy as well.

Remove a node from a singly linked list.

1 Answer

A question that I was not ready for was a networking question: about how traceroute works. The interviewer gave hints. It had to do with the TTL of a packet.

Concatenate two strings replacing every space or set of multiple spaces with a single dash