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Connect Four is a game where two players take turns dropping their color discs into a vertically suspended grid. The game ends when a player adds a disc to the playing grid that connects four discs of their color. The connected discs can be in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Write a function to be called after every turn that returns true if the game is over (and false otherwise).

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Is it possible to sort using linear time a file with lots of numbers that contain duplicates, when there are no limits of resources or space?

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Given a string of Rs and Gs, design an algorithm to produce a string with Rs in the front and Gs after that. The number of flips from Rs to Gs or otherwise should be minimum. The number of Rs and Gs in the end need not be same as that in the beginning, however the length of the entire string should be the same.

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Reverse a linked list.

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Write a function that returns the depth of a tree.

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in an array of characters find the character that is repeated the most

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Print the BST in level order

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How would you sort an array if you had infinite RAM? Infinite memory?

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Write a program that reverses the words in a sentence.

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About the details, and interviewer will communicate with you when you are typing.

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