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Software Development Manager Interview Questions

"Software Development Managers manage teams of engineers and work closely with product managers in order to oversee the development of a software product from start to completion. Employers are looking for strong leaders with solid communication skills and in depth knowledge of the software development process. In an interview, be ready to field technical questions as well as discuss how you would prioritize projects. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field and several years experience in software development is expected."

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Addition and multiplication of two matrix containing millions of entries. Most of the values are zeros.

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Design any game of your choice. It can be chess, card game or any other game.

There was not one question that stood out as being most difficult. I would say just be very prepared to talk about past projects and give specifics about your past experiences.

Nothing unexpected....Questions around Agile, Java, and Behaviral

What was the most difficult challenge you faced, and how did you overcome it?

After swpping two values in a list, is the array sorted.

Asked many questions based on the Amazon Leadership Principles

Tell me about a time.... Several variations: ... You disagreed with the project design but had to deliver .... You had to manage a low performer .... You had to proceed on a project with little information, etc.

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