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Given 999 distinct numbers between 1 and 1000, find one/two that is/are missing.

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one is missing: there are plenty of ways of doing this, simplest is to sum all numbers, subtract from 1+2+...+1000. two are missing: you'd need 2 equations, a+b = something, and a*b = something_else. first equation can be generated using the technique mentioned above, try summing the squares of numbers for the next equation.

missign number = Sum to 1000 - Sum of all given numbers.

Its 1 and 1000, cuz the question say between 1 to 1000, i.e., now only 1 and 1000 are left

Find a pair of numbers that sums up to zero (or any other number), then find three (and then four) numbers that sum up to zero.

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Look at the image of a C++ snippet and identify syntactical and logical errors.

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None were too difficult or unexpected. One I hadn't seen before was give all the test cases for a function which accepts a rectangle and a line and tests to see if any point of the line is inside the rectangle

The phone interview was very organized. They had four people over on the phone at the same time (managers, engineers, etc.) and each of them had questions prepared related to their own area of expertise. It lasted for about 30 minutes and I got an offer within 2 days.

What do you know about S&P Capital IQ? Explain in detail the process of software development.

The first question given to me was the most difficult. It was a logic puzzle, and asked which of four statements about the puzzle was true. I could have sketched a logic puzzle grid, but I decided the simplest way was to test if each of the four statements could be disproved.