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What was your biggest accomplishment?

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This required leadership activities. For students looking for a career with Accenture, please get involved in extracurricular activities at your school and try to achieve a leadership role.

Tell me about a previous project you have done, that would be related to our field? What were the results? What was the most challenging project you have led so far?

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How would enhance a toaster, vending machine. Given a canvas, find every picture on the canvas and create the smallest allowed frame around it, given only the size of the canvas and the background color.

General questions about how you work in teams. Your technical experience and what you know.

Resume Selected online and was called for on site. 45 minutes round onsite - Data Structures (Hash table all concepts) - JAVA concepts - Puzzle (2 eggs 100 floor building find threshold) - Basic hadoop Question. - Migrate a row from SQL to key value store 30 mins telephone round - Longest Palindrome - In-Pre-Post Order traversal with and without recursion

Java HashMap, List interface and its implementations, Abstract classes, Interface, Design patterns and an algorithmic question in the end

Describe object oriented programming and give an example of something you have coded.

Lots of technical questions around java and eclipse.

Changing position description during the interview process from full-time to part-time.

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