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Resume Selected online and was called for on site. 45 minutes round onsite - Data Structures (Hash table all concepts) - JAVA concepts - Puzzle (2 eggs 100 floor building find threshold) - Basic hadoop Question. - Migrate a row from SQL to key value store 30 mins telephone round - Longest Palindrome - In-Pre-Post Order traversal with and without recursion

Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.

Longest palindromes in a string SQL quesiton

How do you find that the characters of string one are contained in string two?

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3.Write a map reduce program in java and explain the big 'o' notation for it.

2. Explain Mapreduce concepts , Write a map reduce program for word count and explain the process.

1. Explain topics on Classes on java, Multi threading, concepts on multi threading, synchronized methods.

Tell me about what your ideal work day would look like.

What tools do you use for operational management of Big Data platforms? Tell us about your experience troubleshooting Map/Reduce jobs?

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Is working from home sometimes necessary for you?

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