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Design a data structure to store sparse 2D matrix which contains only 0 or 1. then write function to add 2 such matrix.

4 Answers

I first proposed to use array to remember each 1 location. then find out it is quite expensive to do the addition. with the interviewer's help, I result in using hash table. then I was asked to write hash function. It was quite challenge for me. But the interviewer was really nice and very helpful to push me to the limit.

use run-length encoding.

store each row as a decimal for ex: if the row is 1011 -> store it as 13!

How would you pick the middle element of a list

4 Answers

Sheet with some javascript code

1 Answer

write a Java program to print the 1st 25 Fibonacci numbers

1 Answer

What is the difference between stack and queue? What is a circular linked list?

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What is ASP.NET life cycle?

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Difference between == and === javascript

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How would you position an object side by side

3 Answers

Write a function to reverse a linked-list.

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How do you write a block in HTML

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