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Implement a binary tree and explain it's function

4 Answers

Binary Search tree is a storage data structure that allows log(n) insertion time, log(n) search, given a balanced binary search tree. The following implementation assumes an integer bst. There's a million implementations. Just look on wikipedia for search and insert algorithms.

Hi Xin Li, A binary tree is not the same as binary search tree.. A binary tree is a tree in which every node has atmost two children nodes. It is a k-ary tree in which k=2. A complete binary tree is a tree in which all nodes have the same depth.

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How would you determine if someone has won a game of tic-tac-toe on a board of any size?

15 Answers

Phone interview 1 : a) Simulate a Queue with stacks ? b)Find repeated occurrence of character in a string ? Phone interview 2 : a) Given a 2D matrix of numbers find the position of number . Constraints of matrix number always in increasing order left to right and top to bottom . b)When should version control be used . And a tricky discreet math problem ?

13 Answers

You are a parking lot attendant in a lot that has one open spot, and you want to move the cars from their original positions into a new arrangement. Create a program that will print out instructions on how to move the cars most efficiently.

7 Answers

Search a sorted array for the first element larger than k

8 Answers

Onsite Interview 2 a): check whether a number is the power of 2 b) Skyline silhouette puzzle . c) Discussion on uses of hash-tables and trees ? d) Few general questions on Work and academic background .

5 Answers

Given a 2D rectangular matrix of boolean values, write a function which returns whether or not the matrix is the same when rotated 180 degrees. Additionally verify that every boolean true is accessible from every other boolean true if a traversal can be made to an adjacent cell in the matrix, excluding diagonal cells. That is , (x , y ) can access the set [ ( x + 1 , y ) , ( x - 1 , y ) , (x , y - 1 ) , (x , y + 1 ) ] For example, the matrix { { true , false } , { false , true } } should not pass this test.

4 Answers

Given a list of integer e.g. (1,2,4,5,6,7,8...) Find a pair with a given sum.

5 Answers

Try-catch block, handle class, matrix indexing in MATLAB. Declaring private methods in Python. A lot of importance was given to behavioral questions.

4 Answers

Find indices start and end for a particular value in a sorted integer array with duplicates

3 Answers
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