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Write a program to find the square root of a double.

5 Answers

Given the head pointers to two linked lists of unknown length, find the node of intersection if they do intersect.

5 Answers

n= 20 for (i=0;i<n; i--) print i the question was to change or replace a only one character in for loop to print 20 times.

5 Answers

Output a single linked list in reverse, in linear time and constant space, and recursively

5 Answers

Given a list of "threads", which contain 2 variables - starting and ending times - implement a function that will return all running threads at some time t. Optimize it. (faster than O(n) )

7 Answers

Say you have a single-column table of entries of variable size. Implement this table to also contain methods to lengthen one cell, cut a cell shorter, and to return which cell we're pointing at if given a certain distance from the beginning of the table. All methods need to be fast (assume a single-column table with many many entries).

6 Answers

Write a function in language of your choice that takes in two strings, and returns true if they match. Constraints are as follows: String 1, the text to match to, will be alphabets and digits. String 2, the pattern, will be alphabets, digits, '.' and '*'. '.' means either alphabet or digit will be considered as a "match". "*" means the previous character is repeat 0 or more # of times. For example: Text: Facebook Pattern: F.cebo*k returns true

8 Answers

Make a program that writes a Binary Search Tree to a file. Now create a program that reads those files and recreates a Binary Search Tree.

5 Answers

Write a program that sees if two binary trees are equal.

6 Answers

You have two arrays with N integers in them. Merge those arrays using a recursive algorithm so that the integers in the final array are sorted.

6 Answers
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