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Why NetApp?

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Describe about Perl Modules? What are they? Have u wrote one?

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I was asked to describe my prior experience in detail

Technical Round 3: 45 Minutes Asked a system design question. Clients requests were changed and was tested how I handle them. So the question was there are 1000 users , they send queries to server. The server has to provide service by implementing three functions.

Technical Round 2: 45 minutes 1) What is the difference between mutex and semaphores? 2) Given different scenarios and asked whether a deadlock can occur in these situations. 3) What scheduling policies does Linux use? Is this the best scheduling policy? 4) What is the difference peer to peer communication and server to client communication? Also the advantages and disadvantages. 5) How does a system call work in Linux? Explain the whole workflow? 6) How interprocess communication take place? 7) How do you ensure there is no deadlock and livelock, explain all the algorithms you know.

Polymorphism, Inheritance, Explain Dynamic Programming.

Technical Interview 4: Print filesystem in a specific order. eg /usr /abc /mno/cat /pqr /rst How would I implement this structure? 2) How would you implement generic variable data types in Java? 3) What is encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction?

Parse a file having Employee data(Name, Phone number, Address etc.) and create an appropriate data structure to store it. Use regex.

Differences between static and dynamic linking? How to implement it?

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