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Given a string , output a string in which only the capital letters are in reverse order. Input: "asAkfsBjlsfC" output:"asCkfsBjlsfA"

1 Answer

iterate and reach to end of string and also check whether there is more than 1 capital letter. And then start from both side. while (1) { while ((*front != capital) && (front = end) break; swap_ptr(front, end); }

Given a list of N items, return the K most frequent items. (Assume N > K)

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Given a list of characters, and asked to arrange in lexicographic order. The list may be any large number and may contain capital and small letters . They may be arranged in any order like A 1st and then a or a 1st and then A . And then 2 Nd round was operating systems.

Signed NDA. Cannot disclose exact questions. Not too difficult for sure !

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