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Implement division without using multiplication or division. It should work most efficient and fast.

11 Answers


What if one or both of a,b is less than zero. ln(x) for x < 0 is not defined.

we can use bit shift operator. e.g. 4 is 100 in binary we want to divide 4 by 2 so right shift 4 by 1 bit 4>>1, so we get 010 which is 2.

Write a function that finds the median of a set of three numbers, also find the Big O. Can it be done with only 2 comparisons, or do you need 3?

11 Answers

Given a base 10 number, print the hexidecimal (base 16) representation of that number.

7 Answers

We have a fairly large log file, about 5GB. Each line of the log file contains an url which a user has visited on our site. We want to figure out what's the most popular 100 urls visited by our users.

6 Answers

If you had a savings account with $1, at a 100% interest rate, at what year would you have 15 billion dollars?

4 Answers

Write a function that takes in an integer and returns the number of ones set in the binary representation.

4 Answers

Given a list of integers of at least length 7, print the average of each consecutive 7 number long subsequence (sliding window).

4 Answers

Isomorphic trees

3 Answers

None I could think of, I prepared everything from careercup yahoo questions and programming interviews book. I dint had an offer during the time I was writing this. 1. find right cousin of a given node. 2. simple oop and data structure questions. and lots of simple questions checking my ability to handle things in log(n) complexity. 3. binary search - took me into situation I wrote code in 3 diff, prog. lang's

3 Answers

Find the first letter in a string that does not have a pair.

3 Answers
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