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Tell me a little bit more about yourself?

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Besides these projects, what other projects have you work on?

Implement a function that accepts continuous stream of speed and a flag(true/false) and print speed when user clicks on a button. Additional conditions: a) user can continuously press button so we may get false positive. b) There may be some interference in this stream so consider that as well.

1. Technologies you currently use. 2.DB design experience. 3.Scripting exposure.

Programming exercise was good- you had 1:15 hr in XCode to write a simple iOS application with data persistence, implement a shake motion gesture, localize it into french and spanish, and ensure the UI resized correctly. Then you had to write the test cases for your app. All told if you knew what you were doing you should have the basics done in under an hour. From there you can spend the rest of your time making the UI pretty.

Run-off the mill JS/HTML/CSS questions. I think anyone with above average web skills should be able to answer them. Whiteboard algorithm problems. Go with it if you've memorized the Cormen book.