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What is CSS specificity?

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Specificity determines, which CSS rule is applied by browsers. “Specificity is a type of weighting that has a bearing on how your cascading style sheet (CSS) rules are displayed here is very nice article explaining it

Here is an excellent Medium article by Dan Eden that elaborates (with examples) how CSS specificity works:

Run-off the mill JS/HTML/CSS questions. I think anyone with above average web skills should be able to answer them. Whiteboard algorithm problems. Go with it if you've memorized the Cormen book.

Implement a function that accepts continuous stream of speed and a flag(true/false) and print speed when user clicks on a button. Additional conditions: a) user can continuously press button so we may get false positive. b) There may be some interference in this stream so consider that as well.

Asked a lot of questions revolving algorithms and other core CS concepts. Only one of the interviews was specific to the actual job being applied to (core web and frontend).

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