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Are you married?

2 Answers

I said I wasn't, but that it shouldn't matter.

That's an illegal question. They shouldn't use such information against potential hires.

You have 9 beans. 8 of a particular weight, 1 of a lighter weight, but all of the same volume, shape, etc. Basically you can't tell them apart. You also have a scale, like a mechanical balance scale where you put some beans on one side and some on the other and it tips to whichever side is heavier. In how many measurements can you always be 100% sure which bean is the smaller one. hint: the answer isn't 1 or 3

1 Answer

How have you asked for help previously in your career when you were learning?

1 Answer

Given the time, find the degrees between the minute and hours hands.

1 Answer

None of the questions I was asked were legitimate interview questions. The most difficult one was do I have a driving record.

1 Answer

Have you ever done SSRS reports?

1 Answer

They asked problem solving questions.

1 Answer

Write a program to find the first 100 primes, using a function isPrime()

1 Answer

They asked a few riddles to see how my thought process worked.

Can't remember any specific questions as this was almost 2 years ago now. They just kept asking me things about my personal life. They also misled and misdirected with their answers to my questions, which I didn't find out until a few months into my employment there.