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Given the class: CStudent { char *name char grade }; There are 1 million objects... a) what is the fastest way to sort by grade (primary sort) and name (secondary sort) ? b) what is the fastest way to sort by name ? c) Order notation... what is the time required to sort by name ?

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I found this question to be something a server-side developer should know. This position was completely for client-side development so it caught me off guard.

Unexpected - as a technologist, why do you have relationship management on your skill set.

Memory Management, Heap analysis,coding in java,c,python.Linux questions. Your projects, Presentation etc

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I don't remember any specifically difficult questions or unexpected questions. I thought the interview was fair and the SQL test was fair based on the practice test provided.

None.Its all routine.

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Given the class: CNode { int data node *next }; There are 5 nodes: pHead -> Node(data=1) -> Node(data=2) -> Node(data=3) -> Node(data=4) -> Node(data=5) -> null a) describe how to delete the node with data == 4 b) given that, what node does pHead point to ? c) given just the head pointer, is it possible to print out the data in the entire list? How ?

Difference between virtual and pure virtual functions? Have you ever worked with RTOS? Many questions on path algorithms.

What is closed loop corrective action?

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