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1. About the projects that you did. 2. If you need same database for 2 different applications how would you approach? 3. There are 10 stacks, each stack contains 10 bricks. Out of these 10 stacks.. one complete stack contains fake bricks and other 9 stacks has real bricks. Now when you take some collection of bricks (say 2 bricks from 1st stack, 3 from 4th stack, etc..) and weighing that collection of those picked bricks only once how would you identify which stack has fake bricks?? Note: Real bricks weighs 10 pounds and fake brick weighs 1 pound.

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Take 1 brick from 1st stack 2 bricks from 2nd stack 3 from 3rd 4 from 4th 5 from 5th 6 from 6th. So now if I take only bricks from the above mentioned 6 stacks in the above said manner.. And when we weigh this collection what the weight should be? if all bricks are real - the weight will come to 210 pounds. if the weight is not 210 pounds then one of these stack has a fake brick. if the weight is 201 pounds then it means only 1 brick is fake. That means we have taken only one brick from 1st stack. So as we came to know that only 1 brick is fake, then that would be 1st stack. In the same way, if the weight is 192 pounds, then 2 bricks are fake. Which means the 2 bricks count is from 2nd stack. So 2nd stack is fake. and so on..

3 coding challenges and a take home .. phone screening is pretty standard.

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Why do you want to work here / Why do you want to be ?

You are shown a test website. Given 20 minutes, document any bugs you find

Write two functions, one that increments a log counter and another that gets the count of the logs from the last 5 minutes.

Describe the process of buying something on Amazon. Be specific.

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